Education + Personality = Success Guaranteed
" If you only want Education then any college is ok but if you are looking for Education (IQ) along with Personality (EQ) to be a Success then The Kingdom College is the only choice."

Emotional Quotient blog for Academic development.

We have to keep pace with the way the world is progressing. Not all the age old teachings can do magic with today’s generation. Education (IQ) alone doesn’t suffice; youngsters have to be strong and dynamic in their personality coupled with knowledge.
At TKC, the curriculum provides a splendid combination of IQ & EQ to their teenage students who are in a very vulnerable phase of their lives. Sessions on Anger Management, Self Esteem, Respect, Discipline, etc to name a few are designed in parallel to the academic sessions. While the IQ classes equip the students with the know-how of the subject contents, the EQ sessions sculpt the students within themselves to face the known & unknown challenges; expected & unexpected situations. They learn to respond rather than reacting to such situations. There are various opportunities created and provided for the students to discover and unveil their own skills and talents.
They are taught that: *anyone could score high with strong will power, belief system, perseverance, etc.

  • the students are provided with myriad opportunities which reveal their strengths and strategies to combat.
  • This eventually change their approach towards academics and help them view the difficult topics as challenges and work towards accomplishing them using the resources and subject experts around.
    *While the subjects taught, ignites their ambitions, the EQ sessions channelize their energy, zeal and power to conquer.
    The transition seen in our students when this magic happens within them, is a moment of ecstasy and happiness.
    The added glory is that the EQ sessions have raised the scores of our students from their 10th results to I PU results by 5-25%, has strengthened our conviction: IQ+EQ= Success Guaranteed.

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  1. Pooja Jain says:

    Blessed to be a kingdomight !!
    Yes I definitely agree that Eq helps us in academics and it helped me too.
    I scored 96.6% and 3 centums in my 2nd Pu . And this could not have happened without eq in the kingdom college.
    Thank u so much .

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